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Valve kn95 face mask can be used for respiratory protection of certain particulate matter, such as dust generated by grinding, cleaning and processing of minerals, flour and certain other materials.
The filtering efficiency of kn95 grade masks for particles with aerodynamic diameter 鈮u0.3碌m reaches more than 95%. The dao aerodynamic diameter of airborne bacteria and fungal spores mainly varies between 0.7-10渭m, which is also within its protection range.
Technical Data
1Product information
NameKN95 Protective Face Mask
MaterialNon-woven: 50%, Meltblown: 25%, hotair cotton: 25%
Noise bridgeOutside and Indside both are available
Layer4 layer and 5 layers both are available
2Certifications of this product has
CECE, NB number 2163. Module B+Module C2, FDA
Basic licenseCompany license, import&export license, foreigh exchange account
3Packing information
Packing method No.1Bag packing
Packing quantity2pc/bag, 1800pcs/carton
Carton size80x56x38cm
Gross Weight18kg/carton
Packing method No.2Box packing
Packing quantity1600pcs/carton, 40pcs/bo8bags/box, 5pcs/bag)

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