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It's a cold winter afternoon in January
I sit quietly on the roof of my house
as I read through a book
The sun is still shining
The subtle cold breeze swaying
The gentle warm sun rays sparkling,
and the dreamy clouds racing along
It all makes me want to fall asleep
But I keep telling myself
"I have to read"
"I have to read"
"I can't fall asleep"

And just like that
The cold breeze lures me away
to the land of dreams and peace
Where I am lost among flowers:
lilies, roses, marigolds, and tulips
I smile at the clouds
They smile back at me
and kiss me with a breeze
It's so sweet and refreshing
I love it here

I want to stay in this place forever,
but my book awaits me
I have to go back
I have to continue reading
The wind swirls around me
and quietly calls me back
from the land of dreams and peace
with a ticklish, cold, gentle breeze
I awake with a smile on my face
and an unfinished book on my hand
that I now have to read

#poem #corneal64

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