Roxycast is a Facebook alternative

Roxycast is a Facebook alternative


With censorship at an all time high on social media, especially YouTube and Facebook, it was time to do something about it. I created RoxyTube for video creators in place of YouTube in July 2020 and Roxycast in September 2020 in place of Facebook. 

It's obvious what YouTube and Facebook are doing. Thousands of social media creators are having their posts or videos banned by these social media giants if they do not follow the agenda. 

Enough is enough. I wanted a video platform that's fun and free of censorship, and the same for social media sharing. 

People should be able to express and share their content without fear of being censored or removed. 

RoxyTube and Roxycast will NEVER sell your data or share with anyone! Our sites are on secured servers. No one has access to your data. Facebook makes money by selling your data and that is WRONG!

Spread the word on our sites and thank you for being a part of them!