The best finishing badges in NBA 2K22 for both next-generation and current-generation consoles

It is recommended that you look at the best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K22 for the majority of MyPlayer builds if you want to improve your overall field performance


It is recommended that you look at the best Finishing Badges in NBA 2K22 for the majority of MyPlayer builds if you want to improve your overall field performance.

Ignoring the importance of choosing your MyPlayer build when playing NBA 2K22 will result in a stalemate in your journey to become your very own player in the National Basketball Association.

Earning badges in NBA 2K22 is a time-consuming process in the game, and you should consider whether a particular badge is a good match for your playing style prior to purchasing it.

Following are the top five Finishing Badges in NBA 2K22 that are suitable for the majority of playstyles, if not the majority of them (see below for a complete list). 



5. Putback Boss (also known as Putback Boss)

When attempting a putback following an offensive rebound, the shot percentage is increased.

Now, while this is a fantastic badge in NBA 2K22 MT Coins that performs flawlessly, in order to get the most out of it, you should design your player's build in such a way that it allows you to significantly increase your Offensive Rebound.

4. Finisher with no fear

Improves the ability to convert contact layups into a contact layup.

Contact dunks and contact layups are extremely difficult to make. Beyond the fact that you will require strong body characteristics, you should also make it possible for the Fearless Finisher to have the best possible chance of making a layup in contact with the ball.

The use of contact layups is critical in one-on-one situations and to close out fast-breaks.


3. Pro Touch 

Gives you an extra boost if you make a good layup timing decision.

When it came to Finishing Badges in previous NBA 2K MT games, Pro Touch and Consistent Finisher were always close competitors, but Visual Concepts has completely removed Consistent Finisher from the game this year.

The functionality of the Pro Touch has not changed from its previous iteration. It has always been a great asset in completing your layups successfully, as getting an excellent shot in a difficult situation is not easy to come by in most cases.

2. Giant Slayer is a video game.

Layups against taller defenders become more effective as a result of this.

It is also important to have the Giant Slayer badge because it will assist you in scoring layups, especially when the rim is heavily guarded by tall opponent players.

This badge is a must-have for short players, and when combined with Pro Touch, you could see a significant increase in the number of layups you score in a game.

1. Slithery Finisher (also known as Slithery Finisher)

increases the ability of a player to avoid contact with opponents when attacking the rim

While Giant Slayer is only effective against taller guards, Slithery Finisher is a more general approach to scoring in tight situations when the rim is guarded that can be used against any guard.

Despite the fact that all of the badges listed above will help you improve your finishing skills, they will not be able to reach their full potential without Slithery Finisher.

NBA 2K22 is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox One X S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and PC.